27 Aug 2016
Exhibition planket
27 Aug 2016
I am showing some twenty pictures at the exhibition PLANKET in Stockholm. Lovely weather and lots of visitors.

See the pictures here.
16 May 2015
Exhibition at gallery RALF
28 May - 30 Aug 2015

My Diary project is exhibited at Gallery Ralf in Stockholm between May 28 and August 30. The exhibition is called Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and consists of one picture from every day that year. Some days I shot more than a thousand pictures, other days only fifty, and at the end of every day one picture was selected, edited and published together with a piece of text. I kept my Olympus camera close at heart, wherever I went, day and night. It was an excercise in opening up to whatever came around, people, feelings. The diary pictures are personal and unstaged and I learned to trust coincidence and instinct.
22 Nov 2014
Stockholm photo fair 2014
21-23 Nov

Showed pictures from my ongoing diary project from the stage at Stockholm Photo Fair and talked about how to develop as a photographer and put more of what is you in the pictures.